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  1. I need a new keyboard I would like a good big one i got a razer keyboard (don't know name) and a razer black momba mouse I am going for the 502 Logic tech mouse and for keyboards idk Razer keyboard are big and so are th keys i kinda want things like that but i also don't wanna that much money on razer but i still want good things if possible i need help and for a mouse if something is better than please tell 100$ is my limit for both.
  2. im stupid control didn't come out yet.
  3. Which should i get?
  4. So i just updated my drivers for my Radeon 5700 xt and it keeps showing the blue screen happen twice right and it has been happening since i have got the new drivers so should i get rid of them or keep them for now maybe it might stop but idk i think i just might delete it if it keeps doing this but if i do will affect FPS in anyway like a decrease? i know it's a driver issue because is said IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL twice and happen again not to long ago.
  5. So my internet isn't going as fast as it usually does i built a new pc and my adapter is not as fast my old one i used to get 6.0 mbs now i get like 5.0 4.8 and i disconnect from some other games more frequently i never did until i upgraded. I don't have wifi on my board and i cant use Ethernet if there is may any other way to get faster internet. let me know please and thank you.
  6. This is for the relatively new Rx 5700 XT These are the settings that might help if you are wondering how to maybe make it cooler. The Core Clock Is set like that and memory clock is as well do as you please with that but if you dont plan on messing with that until you feel ready. The fan speed i have is a pretty good start when playing games it gets up to and staying at 64/66 (it sometimes goes up and down so it wont be perfect but mostly around there) and when playing VR it went up to 70 72 sometimes went down 68 this mostly depends on what games you play beat saber was always at 65, gorn was at 72/70 VR isn't A GREAT BENCHMARK but it's a good idea for who don't understand numbers as much and just easier vr can be a good determining factor. As for how loud it is it isn't too bad now this part normally comes down to preference but I don't mind the noise but it also isn't that loud as well if you have noise canceling headphones as well so that can help and I dont know where your pc is if it's next to you. You might have a loud time but still isn't that much considering games are pretty loud or Youtube videos etc. But yea that's about all i can say i might add more if i think of it but i hope this helps if i am wrong about anything please let me know and or let me hear opinions. (btw i am still new with computers and such so i don't claim for all of this to be 100% accurate or anything i'm just trying to help as much as possible.) This is a pretty good GPU by the way It's pretty much right there with 2070 super and 2080 Drivers are a little weird but i would personally say the only thing that doesn't help this GPU is cooling again personally could be better lol If you would like to download MSI AfterBurner https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner
  7. Honestly man I just bought it and i am freaking happy I didnt spend too much 2k gaming is enough 4k is just overkill not really necessary you dont see "a lot" of a difference just depends on your price but you may need to turn up the fan a little bit with MSI afterburner I mean i have got it to stay around 68C and thats not even bad considering and during vr it stayed around 73 74 which no it isn't bench test but VR is still pretty wicked to run. And it's not even that loud like at all And i got a fan that blows extra cold air in the first place because it does that and i just said lets make it colder. but really 2070 super is better but The Rx 5700 XT is pretty much their the only thing that's really keeping it back is cooling but anything i wouldn't consider unless your are going for like super gaming for some odd reason then just save up for a 2080 ti. But i am really happy with price and it's really good performance you wont be disappointed.
  8. at this point i would say Preference if you just dont like AMD or Nivdia or if you have more money then i would go with nivdia really up to us at this point nothing really is "bad" or "better" anymore if you get what i mean like there are better cards but in this situation where people can afford not a 1,500$ GPU Titan or 2080ti Etc This is where Rx 5700 Xt really does shine the most.
  9. But you are pretty much spending less for something that can be just as good or better when oc that's what AMD has been known for sure 2070 S is better but if you want pretty much the same thing for lower amount then i would go with rx 5700 XT sure drivers might be a issue but with AMD catching up Nivdia is running out of ideas here Just look at the super in the first place lol.
  10. Besides the loud noise are you happy with your product?
  11. Also why is this one appear to be better? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TFMDJK7/ref=psdc_284822_t3_B07T94Q788
  12. How long until other manufactures will make other cooling solutions.
  13. So really either one is fine?
  14. I was on UserBenchmark and i am deciding on these https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-RX-5700-XT-vs-Nvidia-RTX-2070-Super/4045vs4048 i am seeing both as a good option but i have the money for both which should i go for i am having some trouble.
  15. I turned it on and it it only went from 1066 to 1500 And i dont see that much of a difference.