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    1080ti not performing

    Hi there Recently installed an auros extreme 1080ti. For the first hour of gaming everything is fine, 3dmark timespy comes in at just over 9000 which is about right for my system. After 1-2bhours of gaming I notice a drop of about 50-60 fps in whatever game I am playing. When this happens I notice the gpu usage goes from around 80% straight up to 100% but the temperatures decrease. While normally sitting around the 73 degrees mark it'll go down to 62. I have also noticed that its drawing less power from the psu once the performance drops. As I said the temps never went above 72-73 do I dont believe its temps related. When I run 3d mark after the drop in performance my score drops down to somewhere between 3000 and 5000. The correct drivers are installed, have even done a fresh windows install. I can confirm the problem resets if I turn my PC off and back on again. Though the performance will drop again after the 1-2 hour mark. System specs - Cpu i5 9600k 5ghz 1.34v Mobo autos elite z390 Ram 2 x 8gb corsair vengeance 3000mhz Psu novatech 850w v2 80+ bronze Gpu gigabyte auros extreme 1080ti