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  1. So this has happened twice now, this is the third time. The first 2 times it was with Wicher 3. The last time was with Borderlands 2. my specs: Predator Triton 500: RTX 2060 6gb, i7 8.gen, 512 SSD So here what I am frustrated about. While playing one of the games, the games crash and when I try to open it again it pretty much just says that my graphics card is compatible with xxx. After that, I open the task manager to see if there, it is. But after I restart my laptop, it does not show up in task manager and I can't see it anywhere. So the other times I just reset my laptop. but last time that wasn't enough. So I let my laptop stand for itself over the night. It doesn't happen fx. Battlefield 1 and grid 2. What should I do, I seriously want a more permanent solution. Sorry for bad English