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  1. Hello all, I just got a 50" Vizio tv yesterday, and was wondering about the speakers. This is the first tv I'v purchased (in my 33 years of life, I always had a tv turner on my laptop, then when my wife and I got married, we were given a used 32" Sony. Recently we upgraded, got the Vizio because it was a brand I recognized and the price was right, but on more of the deep bass sounds or deep voices, there is like almost a buzzing or vibrating quality to it. I messed with the audio settings a bit, and was able to help it our with the equalizer. On the equalizer presets, the bass one sounds terrible, but the 'bright' one sounded better. I messed with the settings a bit more on the equalizer, and was able to pretty much make the problem go away, but there is a tinny quality to it now. I also dont really have the volume up high, nor do I prefer it high. I just wanted to see people thoughts about if this was normal or if its a lemon. I've been reading that tv speakers generally aren't that good, and it doesn't seem unreasonable to me that a company wants to cheap out on the speakers because that assume most users will but a separate sound system or to sell other peripherals themselves. Anyways, just looking for some opinions, thank you!
  2. Lately I've been considering a headset, and I'm a bit overwhelmed. As a starting point, I've been referring a lot to the headset pics from PC Gamer. https://www.pcgamer.com/best-gaming-headset/ I'd say my budget is max $80. Quite honestly, I just don't know the brands, I'm not familiar with them. I'm not sure if all headsets are 'gaming' headsets, or if there is something better quality without the gaming aesthetic. I play a couple games with friends where it would be cool to chat online, and a few single player games, but overall I'd say the headset would get occasional use. I think I've narrowed it down to having a wired headset, and having a detachable mic appeals to me. I wish listed a few on Amazon, but I feel like even though each ones is highly rated, they all have reviews saying the product is trash or stops working. I suppose any item with thousands of review will be that way, but I'm just not sure. These are what I have wish listed so far: Turtle Beach Recon 200 Sound BlasterX H6 Razer Kraken And for reference (please don't laugh), I wouldn't say that I'm any sort of connoisseur with audio. My pc uses a usb dell sound bar, I think it was in the $25 range, and I'm happy with it. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  3. Yeah, from the googling I did, it seems that the MSI 580's have a bit of a problem running hot. In the last two days, the weather has cooled a bit, I haven't had any more shut downs. I also just had a look at AMD Wattman. I set a fan curve higher, played Tetris Effect, and my max temp was 85c this time around, with an average of 71c. So I assume its a heating issue. As for adding more cooling to the case, I'm not really sure where. I have a 120mm fan the the rear, and 2 140mm's in the front. I also checked all the dust filters, clean as can be.
  4. Hello there, thanks for the reply. I did see an update for Radeon drivers. I did play a little yesterday and nothing happened, but the day was cooler as well. I also did a 90min GPU test on OCCT, and it was fine. Temp hit 90c, but no shut down. Maybe it just was the usually hot weather. I'm open to any other suggestions. Unfortunately, I don't have a power supply to swap out or anything.
  5. Hi all, pretty new here. I have a problem that developed recently where my PC shuts down suddenly and completely during a game. I've never has this happen, its literally only happened while playing Tetris Effect, no other games have triggered this. I normally dont consider myself as playing alot of intensive games, but maybe these are more intensive then I thought. Pretty much at the top of most played and intensive games, you would have Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster, and Subnautica. I also play Rocket League and Two Point Hospital, but those dont seem very intense where system resources are concerned. But I really have only has this happen this week, and only with Tetris Effect. Initially I was playing TE on ultra settings, but turned them down to high, and I'm not sure if its important, but the PC has shut down only on the final level, where the particle effects seem to be unusually heavy. Additionaly, we've had quite the heat wave this week (same week that TE came out, so I cant really compare during cold weather), along with very high humidity, so I can only assume thats also a factor. Now when I'm playing TE, I had shut downs while playing on the high settings, then I turned them down to medium, which seemed to last longer, but did have a shut down, then turned down to low, and never got a shut down on low settings. This morning I ran the CPU, GPU, and PSU stress test in OCCT, each for 30 min, all were normal. CPU temps hovered around 57c, GPU at about 88c. After the tests, I playedthe final level on TE on low settings, completed it, and turned the settings back to high and played the first three levels, no problem. I checked temps again in HWiNFO64, and CPU was around 55c, and GPU got up to 91c, which did seem high to me. In googling for info, I've seen alot of talk about the power supply being the problem, but when using power supply calulator, it doesnt seem to indicate that I'm underpowered. My specs are as follows: Ryzen 5 1400, with Arctic Freezer 13 CO mounted RX 580 4gb MSI B350M EVGA 650w G2 Everything is stock setting, never overclocked. Please let me know if I messed something on specs. As far as the stress tests go, should I run them longer? I wasnt sure if 30 min was enough to perhaps produce and error. Also, while I poking around the bios, I noticed that the system power fault protection is disabled. Should I enable this? Any help is appreciated, thank you very much!
  6. Hi all, first post here. I had a question about air coolers. I have a Ryzen 5 1400, I purchased the pc about 1 year ago from Best Buy, its Cyberpower PC. A few months after, I started to upgrade a few parts, psu, ram, and fans. The fans that came with the pc started to make a rattling sound, so I replaced them with Arctic f12's non pmw. Recently I just sort of got tired of the noise, so did some research, almost got Noctua, but opted for Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 instead. So now my case is very quiet, its quite pleasant. However, at the same time that I initially installed the Arctic fan, I also replaced the cooler that came on the build with an Arctic Freezer 13 CO. Since I've replaced the Arctic fans with Be Quiet, I'm inclined to do the same with the cpu cooler. My pc is very quiet now, but if I can become even more silent, I'm all for it. I was looking at the Be Quiet Pure Rock. Its in the same price range as the Arctic I currently have, but where I'm getting confused is I'm just unsure if that's an upgrade or more of a parallel move. On another thread here I read someone suggesting getting a Dark Rock 4 and using it as a passive cooler, thought I'm not sure what type of CPU that was on. All in all, I'm just not sure how much of a change switching to a Be Quiet cooler would be, I was looking for more insight on that. Lastly, I was poking around my bios (I have a MSI B350m Bazooka btw), and was looking at fan speeds. Can someone point me to a guide that will show me how to set a fan curve and what my temps should be? Thank you!