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  1. I really don't know why it auto updating BIOS. But I searched online and found that some other people also faced the same ussue. And I remembered last year after buying it when I tried to install a newer version of windows the same thing happened. But that time it went smooth. People with pc also faced the same ussue. They simply restarted it and it went bact to normal. But I can't even do that. Btw cant you please explain RMA?
  2. Today I normally started my laptop without plugging in the power supply. After pressing the power button it went straight to the Asus Advanced Utility Mode. With a warning that something is wrong with the power supply. I simply pressed Esc and it Booted in windows. Then i got another notif from windows that I need to restart the laptop. So I rebooted but the same bios thing happened again. and I did the same but this time I turned on the power supply. Then it went back to the bios menu with a warning says "BIOS upgraid is processing. Don't turn off the pc" . But it actually stucked! Mouse is not working, even the power button is not doing any thing.....help me out please1