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  1. As you can see Alsamixer shows me those 3 sound cards. The Intel PCH is the internal soundcard. I chose this one and set it to 100 but it doesnt seem to be working. According to the ifixit teardown it is a Cirruslogic 4206BCNZ Audio Controller, maybe this helps.
  2. If you dont have any constructive answer, why even bother to answer?
  3. Hey guys. I am using an iMac 2017 Retina 5K, 27-inch and I would like to fully switch to Linux for my private use of the machine. So far so good, almost everything works like a charm but... The sound is not working. The machine is using a weird soundcard (one of those cirruslogic ones). I tested so far different sound settings and also if there is sound on the headphone jack (No sound from internal speakers or headphone jack). On MacOS both work just fine so its not a hardware issue. I dont really know how to proceed from here. If any of you has an idea how to fix it or a full on solution, you're welcome to share. Right now I am running Manjaro with the lates non-experimental kernel but I'm willing to switch if necessary. Greetings from Ireland, Jehfg17 PS: Anthony rocks!