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    TDP issues

    Sorry for being lame but Actually I have this thing in my mind , if I increase turbo boost power max then processor will pull more watts from motherboard(the question arises here if the motherboard is not capable of providing such high power(meaning it's VRM would burn down , cpu will get damaged , it is incapable(not.designed) of consuming such high power levels , motherboard gets damaged due to not tolerating such high power) I am very well aware of heating which it will cause so i haven't mentioned it . Also one last thing since power = voltage x current I am assuming increasing turbo boost power max of cpu may increase voltage flowing in it and voltage flowing through motherboard which might damage cpu and motherboard am I right ?
  2. Greetings I have an i5 8250u and I wanted to enquire a few questions -does increasing turbo boost power max will damage my cpu , it's VRM or charging adapter -will it damage my cpu -i am currently on 15w And I plan to raise it to 25w according intel site of max configurable tdp up section -what is the safe limit till I can increase turbo boost power max can i shift it to unlimited