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  1. hiflight

    StreamDeck Compatibility Tool

    Okay tried version 4.1.1 of Streamdeck, it opens and looks okay, but no response to the button control. You can drag a website key to a button and add the URL, but nothing happens. Using W7 64bit any ideas?
  2. hiflight

    StreamDeck Compatibility Tool

    Hi, could you point me to the 4.1.1 version, or do you mean 4.1.1 of Stream deck. If I try wrapping 4.3.0+ version it just hangs. Thanks
  3. hiflight

    StreamDeck Compatibility Tool

    Hi, I'm currently trying this out and it works great on W7 as a 'Run' and 'Shortcut' device. I'm a real spaz at this stuff, but is it possible to use the AHK code to send a Lwin+Ctrl+q as a Hotkey for UCR with vJoy, so I can use it as button switches in flight simulator? I have been search and trying different ideas, but cannot seem to make it work. Great little wrapper btw. Mark