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    Life is unfair. Deal with it.


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    Some old i5
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    A random 8GB stick
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    Intel HD Graphics 4000
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    Its a laptop mate
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    250gb ssd
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    Its called a battery
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    Its a laptop
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    Its a laptop
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    Its got a trackpad
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    Idk lol
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    Mac OSX

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  1. Ok, I had something similar in mind. Also a good idea, thanks.
  2. 1. Budget & Location Germany. About 800€, might be able to go to 900 soon. I already have a hyper 212 BE and a Meshify C because they were on sale. 2. Aim Occasionally a bit of video editing but mainly gaming, looking to run Minecraft, Overwatch and maybe other games in the future. 3. Monitors I have a 1440p 60z monitor rn but plan to upgrade to another 1 or 2 cheap ones later. 4. Peripherals I have a mouse and keyboard, but would need W10 (but I've heard you can get that quite cheap) 5. Why are you upgrading? I'm upgrading because a 2011 MacBook isn't great for Minecraft, Overwatch and potentially other games in the future.
  3. Ok, thanks for the input. I might get that one then.
  4. Yes. Something I will edit into the origian post is that I am located in germany. How is this? https://www.amazon.de/Samsung-C34J791W-Curved-Monitor-Thunderbolt-3/dp/B07BX55MB6/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=Samsung+CJ791+34"+Thunderbolt+3+Ultra-Wide+QHD+(3440x1440)+100Hz+Curved+QLED+Monitor+(LC34J791WTNXZA)&linkCode=gs3&linkId=c70d8cacffed0409b9b4f191bd3b1f83&qid=1568136916&s=computers&sr=1-1-fkmr0
  5. Hi all, I am looking to buy a TB3 monitor. Bigger than 30" (if possible), 1440p, in terms of refresh rates 60hz would be ideal. Budget: Under 800. Under 500 would be good, but not necessary. I am located in Germany. Thanks, do tell me if I forgot anything, Catchears
  6. Hi all, I have (as the title says) got a question about thunderbolt 3 monitors. Say I have a desktop and a laptop. The laptop has Thunderbolt 3, but the desktop is stuck with DP. If I buy a thunderbolt 3 display, is there any way I can have my desktop connected to the display (all the time) but switch over to the laptop whenever I connect it(without messing with cables each time)? Is the best way to do this to get a DP to USB C adapter and then just plug my laptop in and change the source on the monitor each time? I will post the exact monitor below once I know which one I 'm getting. Thanks, Catchears
  7. I believe the Strix is the best, followed by the pulse. I cannot say anything on value as you didnt give us prices.
  8. Sorry, bit it doesn't work like that. I believe the data simply gets mirrored. Get a RX5700XT with a decent cooler (like the Sapphire Pulse). Save some money and maybe upgrade something else in the future.
  9. Am I the only person who has WiFi at home yet still uses mobile data when not watching youtube because the 4 down and 0.5 up I have are depressingly slow?

  10. I only have an old macbook. Android File Transfer cannot detect my phone, although I don't know if that is simply due to MacOS. It does however seem to pop up as a network interface.
  11. Hi all, Recently, I had my phone charging from a powerbank while walking. I later sat down, only to realise that I had completely bent the cable. So I ordered a new cable (the same one which came with my phone) and have been using that since. Today (I normally use wireless charging, but occasionally need fast charging), I noticed that it was no longer 'fast charging'. I will attach a screenshot of the lock screen (look towards the bottom; it says charging, no mention of fast) and a screenshot from an app to measure the rate at which my battery is charging. The S9 is insured, so I could get a replacement if the port is definitely damaged. I am using the AC adapter which came with the device. Things I have tried: Clear cache Hard restart Check the fast charging option in settings Different wall plug Different AC adapter I have factory reset my phone before (also due to battery reasons), however that was before this incident. Thanks, Catchears