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  1. You herd about google GGC ... is that package ... or will Google provide that for my small isp base?
  2. Hi, I have a business with 500+ client... On report I sow many of YouTube video repeated. I wanted to cache that with a proxy server .... but do not have any clue where to start & how much HDD I need .... any suggestion on docker or Linux packages & hardware is welcomed.....
  3. basic 3g/4g modems are usb dongles ..... at list what I can find .... & they need usb router interface to work and get RJ45 port for my second router .... but is those built in sim-card routers (2nd options) have strong signal 3g/4g then usb dongles ? 3g/4g signal strength matters as I am on a remote area ....
  4. Hey, I have recently moved to a village that has ok-ish 3g-4g connection using sim-card. But no broadband cable provider. Have a Netgear R6260 AC router for all of my devices. But it does not support 3g/4g sim-card or usb modem dongle. When I visited a local store I got a choice between these ... 1. go with usb modem & 3g/4g router combo using D-Link DWR-111 3G / TP-Link TL-MR3420 / Tenda 4G630 router with D-Link DWP-157 / D-Link DWM-222 2. or use dedicated sim-slot router like D-Link DWR-921 / TP-Link Archer MR200 / TP-Link MR400 Now I will use these new router or combo whatever only for 3g/4g, as I alreasy have Netgear R6260. Tasted speed up~25mbps - down~18mbps on android. I would prefer 3g/4g signal strength with these setup as wifi will not be in use. I don't know which to pic. 1st options cost is half of 2nd .... but I was wondering if usb dongle have poor signal then dedicated routers .....