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  1. So for about a month now my computer has been in a terrible boot cycle. Almost everytime I try to boot my PC I get loud fans and no Bios beep. No occasionally my PC will successfully boot but it runs into other issues, like low resolution or the inability to use two monitors. I thought at first it was RAM but everywhere I have checked it says my RAM is fine. Today oddly enough after a weird dream I decided it could be my GPU so I spent hours trying to boot up my PC and once I got it on my GPU was turned of because of a Code 43 so I shut off my computer and tried to reseat and also inspect my GPU for any damage but found nothing. I am out of ideas and kind of new to building and troubleshooting. i7-9700k 3.6 GHz 8-Core MSI - MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC ATX LGA1151 Motherboard G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB MSI - Geforce RTX 2060 6GB Gaming Z
  2. I just build a new PC last month, and up until this past weekend I had 0 issues and was enjoying it. This weekend I shut down my computer and went to bed. The next day I booted it up and to my surprise, the fans got super loud (which is odd because I rarely ever heard them up until then) then I failed to launch windows, it just sat there with its black screen. So I shut it down and took a peak inside and thought maybe it was a RAM issue so I unplugged everything and popped the RAM out and put it back in. Then it booted fine, so I was like cool all is good, Played games went to bed and shut it down. Woke up the next day and it did the same thing, fast fans and no windows boot. I checked the Motherboard and there doesn't seem to be any obvious damage to it so I am stumped. I check inside again made sure everything was connected properly and it booted again and now I am scared to shut it off.