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  1. Ok I'll give that a go tomorrow as its 1am here in the UK. Thanks for the help so far
  2. Case CIT Inferno 3 front fans 1 rear Stock AMD cpu cooler 1TB WD blue HDD EVGA bronze 500w PSU
  3. I've watched videos with the 3gb version and it handles the game fine. It should be good for high at 1080p 60fps but mine stutters at 1080p Medium settings
  4. Not sure on CPU usage but GPU Usage fluctuates alot
  5. Hi. I've just built my first PC and my setup seems to be really underperforming compared to similar setups online. I'm running a MSI B450 tomahawk Ryzen 5 2600 EVGA 1060 3gb SC Single 16gb stick DDR4 3000mhz For example I can run Forza horizon 4 on Medium settings with frequent stutters and fluctuating GPU Usage and FPS yet online I see people running it on high/ultra with no issues using a 1060+ Ryzen 2600 setup. From what I've read already it could be down to the single stick of ram but I just want another opinion