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  1. DOes anyone know how to remove a Microsoft email account associated with a windows user even if the account no longer exists? I try to manage it but since the account no longer exists it seems I can't remove it... Any help would be great...
  2. That is actually the primer I picked up lol good call.
  3. Phoenix_441

    PC Showcase Photography

    Exactly the look I’m going for except a white mobo. Man what an inspiration
  4. I’m building a photo/video editing rig amd can’t decide between the i7-8700k or a Ryzen build. Any input would be great!
  5. So I’ve decided to paint my case white and would like a paint that adheres well to plastic and metal without a shade difference and is durable. Any suggestions would be great! Also since my case is black I will be laying down a coat or 2 of grey primer to brighten up the white so any suggestions on primer also would be great!
  6. So the case I decided to go with is the Phanteks Evolv ITX Tempered in white which suppoorts mITX boards, but I just realized the same case that supports mATX boards is 3 inches taller. So i might just go mATX and get the MSI Mortar Arctic H270M if I could find it cause its sold out everywhere...but unfortunatly this limits me on the processor may have to go with a 7700K.
  7. So a creamic based paint should be fine than? It'll only be non crucial parts fo the board anyways. 8700K... You think that'll be adiquate for photo/4k video editing and rendering?
  8. I was looking for something like the MSI Arctic series...
  9. Hey guys i'm having a hell of time finding a white motherboard for my all white themed Photo/Video Editing build. I could use some help sourcing one. Also is it possible to paint certain parts on a mobo that are non-metal without messing the board up? All input appreciated! Thanks!