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  1. I'm used to taking apart laptops so if it drops too much I'm fine with purchasing a replacement battery Razer blade 15 was something I was considering, but afaik the prices dont justify the performance since the razer brand adds like and extra $300. But if nothing else noteworthy comes out soon I might get one anyway. QC doesnt matter too much since I was going to buy through the microsoft store and their warranty service seems on point.
  2. As long as the battery lasts and i can watch youtube videos fine it should be good. Im used to dealing with most of the other crappy stuff (current laptop has a broken lcd, 1hr battery life max, heating issues, etc.). If needed I can just remotely use my desktop if the laptop ends up letting me down.
  3. 4-5 years in terms of reliability. Dont expect it to last performance-wise. Max weight would be 4-5 lb or so. Lets say $3k max budget. Fine with historical lows since I dont need it until september or so.
  4. Yeah was considering the XPS. Surface book I'm a little apprehensive about since I've read it throttles hard.
  5. Hi, looking for a laptop that will last me about 4-5 ish years. I'm graduating next year and looking to upgrade from my Acer VN7-591G. Priorities for me are battery life and weight. Want to be able to last at least 5-6 hours of WIFI connectivity with screen at around 1/2 brightness. For specs, looking for some i7 core (8th or 9th gen) and something around a 1060/2060 ish range for casual gaming since I have a desktop with a 1070ti. 144hz screen is a must. Expandability would be preferable but not necessary. Thunderbolt 3 also preferable. Definitely dont want it to look too dumb since I'm going to be using this out of college. I live in the US. Budget isn't an issue really, but don't want to spend money excessively.