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  1. Haven't gotten a chance to test any other cards but I'm pretty sure the issue isn't in the board itself. I'll do a DDU before I install the new gpu once I get it tomorrow.
  2. Yeah I just ordered the R7 and it'll come in by tomorrow. Hopefully I won't need to run a DDU but I'll do it just in case.
  3. Can't wait too long since my R9 200 is dying on me.
  4. Guess I'm going to take a look at monitors as well since it still has a vga port. Or look at convertors to save money.
  5. Yeah, DDU. And back to topic, should I wait for the RX 5700 or go for the VII now?
  6. The board is a GIGABYTE X470 AORUS Gaming WIFI 7 and even doing a driver clean didn't work.
  7. Right now I'm running an AMD Radeon R9 200 because the EVGA 1070ti I bought a while back didn't work with my board and I just gave up and returned it. I am considering upgrading to the VII but the RX 5700 is coming out soon. Should I bother upgrading now or waiting till the RX 5700 releases and just go in blind from there?