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  1. I was considering holding out for the new tech to drop, but I was really only considering doing that for a hopeful price drop on last gen hardware. im far from the bleeding edge as far as gaming goes, but would like to bake in a few years forward comparability. would the new 3000 be worth the wait for me? I’m in no rush and certainly could hold off, but honestly I’m not even a slightly competitive player. Things change of course and I don’t want to settle for what’s passable now and kicking myself in a few months time.
  2. Hey there guys, I’m in the southern US and would like to build a new computer for my home office, something that could be used for casual gaming when I’m home and potentially some light CAD (licensed insurance adjuster). My current HP laptop runs the adjuster program fairly well so I’m not terribly concerned. i do enjoy games like warframe and space engineers and both currently peg my potato of a laptop at 12fps. im considering running with AMD, but don’t really know what CPU or motherboard to look at. Space isn’t an issue so ATX is my starting point, and I like the idea of expandability if this becomes a hobby of sorts. I have no experience overclocking at all but again, I like the idea of it being possible in the future should I chose to jump down that rabbit hole. after reading through parts of the forum here, and some research elsewhere as well I have some idea of what to look for but the motherboard and CPU have me stumped. thanks for your thoughts on this TLDR: southern US $1000~ excluding peripherals AMD? Light gaming, dual monitor set up