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  1. Should I put the fan on the mos fan holder or no? My case has decent air flow and also the fan makes the mobo look kinda weird.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am5SDkEQ5jQ&feature=youtu.be that is a video you can kind of see the fps drops and what the fps is. rtx2070 founders edition
  3. The ram percentage goes back down to like 5 percent and starts rising again. It keeps repeating itself.
  4. I have looked in games that show ram usage like Minecraft for say. The ram percentage will rise one by one until it gets to about 40 to 50%, it will reset back to 0. And then when it gets to like 9 percent, the game lags. It happens every time and idk what the problem is. I don’t even know if it is the ram that makes the game lag. All my other forums on GPUs never solved anything and I thought I might have found it this time. This lag/FPS drop has been going on for 3 years and I even got a new gpu and cpu. Please help.
  5. I actually just bought a new cpu and it is still having the same problem. It made Fortnite run smoother, but Minecraft still drops to 20 for a millisecond and makes me lag. Same with call of duty.
  6. I actually just ran call of duty but it was fine. The cpu usage kept spiking up to 50 and I also kept having FPS drops for some reason.
  7. Hi I recently found out my rtx 2070 isn’t going over 15% usage. My cpu doesn’t go over 15% either but I know that part is good. Is there a way I can fix this or make my usage be at full potential?
  8. I found the problem. My gpu is only running at 15% max for some reason. Is there a way to fix this or to make it run at full potential? Cpu usage doesn’t go over 15%
  9. I just got a new cpu and there is no more fps drops in Minecraft, but there’s still some in call of duty and one after a couple of hours in Fortnite. I think it might just be the games at this point. Also, is it normal to run like 600 FPS on unlimited FPS on Minecraft?