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  1. Yeah I figured it out anyways thanks
  2. How about razer chroma or Corsair k55
  3. I'm looking for 24 inch 144hz monitor with g sync, I don't prefer curved...but I'm looking for monitors around $300-350. Mouse with a few extra buttons and and good mechanical keyboard. And cabinet is a case.
  4. Which AMD processor would you recommend?
  5. Thanks for the specs really appreciate it...but that Corsair k68 is bit overkill for me.
  6. I'm was actually thinking of buying Intel processor, but I'm down to switch to AMD if you suggest a good processor within $500
  7. Is getting a 16gb ram 2400mhz better than it's 3200mhz variant if we could over clock it? Or overclocking is not worth the time and effort spent? Also I'm trying to get a 144hz monitor and a good gpu from rtx series,and other accessories too like s good mouse, keyboard, cooling accessories and a cabinet.My budget is around $1500.