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    Using SATA for USB 3

    Hi, This is kind of a bizarre question, but I want know, are there anything that allows me to connect some kind of adapter for SATA to a USB 3 female port, where you would connect from the SATA port on the MOBO, and some sort of power cable to a USB 3 female port. I know there are plenty of PCIE to USB 3 female expansion cards, but I'm trying to heavily mod an Optiplex 790, and the 2nd PCIE slot will probably be blocked by a graphics upgrade. (So basically a PCIE to USB 3 expansion card, but with SATA instead of PCIE) Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm recently planning to build my first PC, and I thought about this random question. Most laptops with dedicated graphics switch between their integrated and dedicated graphics depending on the current task. Since the Ryzen 5 2400G has pretty good integrated graphics from its APU, is it possible to have something similar to a laptop on a desktop, where the dedicated GPU (say, a RX580), and the APU can automatically switch depending on the task at hand? (And yes, I know a 2600 would be a better option, I'm just really interested if this scenario is possible) Thanks :D