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  1. I thought Microsoft's own remote program was only in windows pro
  2. OGkillaz94

    My 1st pc build + introduction

    Yeah... I shouldve listened to others
  3. OGkillaz94

    My 1st pc build + introduction

    Hey guys, this is Austin Just kidding, my name isn't Austin unfortunately, but I'm usually known on the internet as the infamous Pussyblaster94, or the Ogkillaz (yes I'm that guy from pornhub) I doubt that people will read this post, but I like talking to myself so here I am. I'm a nineteen year old student who likes pretty much everything, no kidding. If someone offered me free coke right now I would probably give it a shot. But I've been much in need for an upgrade since I've been stuck with my ps2 and ps3 (who both of 'em served well and still do) so I decided to start buying some used pc components off of Ebay. Because I'm a student and got a bunch of other stuff to pay for I decided for an i5-2500k which are great overclockers from what I've heard, and they can handle everything I needed it to handle. Lemme make this post a bit shorter... to compliment the cpu I decided for the Asus P8-Z68 v pro mobo which was obviously also used. Although it had some dry thermal paste in the socket, it worked fine after cleaning even before I cleaned it. Ram isnt interesting so I wont be talking about them but I got 2x4gb. For the PSU I made the mistake of buying that used as well.... twice... The first time I thought I was getting a Cooler Master 600 something bronze PSU for 20 euros, but when it arrived a Hiper 630 came out of it. The second time a bought a real Cooler Master this time, but guess what, it died after two days (the G650M model). But a couple weeks ago I finally got a Corsair Vengeance 650m (2016 model) for a nice deal on Amazon. So never again will I buy a used power supply... The gpu was like love at first sight, it was the Inno3d gtx 780 which is huge btw, I got it used as well as I tested it at the guys house. The rest isnt really interesting so I wont even talk about them. Components (in euros and US dollars) -i5-2500k 40 euros/45$ USED -mobo Asus p8z68 v pro 55 euros/61$ USED -GTX 780 Inno3d Herculez variant USED -2x4gb Kingston ram 1600MHz about 35 euros/40$ USED -Phanteks P300 case 59 euros/66$ NEW -Cooler Master Hyper 212 black edition (normal one was a dollar cheaper for me and ugly as hell) 31 euros/34$ NEW -WD green 2tb storage 35 euros/39$ USED -Corsair Vengeance 650m 69 euros/77$ NEW As y'all can see, my build is mostly used, but performs just fine. I will also post pictures soon since I'm setting up some rgb stuff *wink wink. I might also wrap my case if it's cheap enough, Aliexpress probably has some good stuff. You might also be wondering how my cpu overclocked, well... It's adequate, cinebench scores will be listed below, but I'm currently running 4,5 GHz at 1.35V stable. Cinebench R20 scores: -Stock 3,3GHz: 945 points -4,5 GHz @ 1,35V: 1256 points -4.8 GHz @ I think 1.4 volts: 1358 points -5 GHz @ either 1.4 or 1.45 volts: 1387 As you can see, overclocking really increased speeds, but also temps. at 4,5 GHz it doesn't go above 71 degrees on the package so I'm happy with the results.
  4. OGkillaz94

    Resident evil 2 remake G-Birkin 3rd stage

    Shoot for it's eyes, that thing has huge eyes. Just shoot those, when one eye closes just shoot the other ones. And also use frags and flashbangs to knock him down for a short while.