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  1. So I've been playing Tekken 7 and I have been noticing weird frame drops, but I haven't seen the in game FPS counter dropping below 60. So I thought that the counter was off, so I turned on my Geforce Experience FPS counter and it's always pushing 60 as well. But as I'm looking at my game, it's constantly dropping to what seems 40-50. Any help would be awesome. And no, I am not thermal throttling. This is my current set up - AMD Ryzen 7 2700x - ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming - 4x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 3000 G.Skill Ripjaws V Series - ThermalTake Toughpower 850W - Geforce GTX 1080 8G.
  2. Ahh ok, and no. When I upgraded to the 1080, which was 2016? Or whenever it first came out, I reinstalled windows. But since then i've reinstalled window several times.
  3. Drivers are up to date, and what do you mean with your questions after that?
  4. Accidental post, still trying to figure out my issues and if I should buy a new card.
  5. So, what an interesting turn of events that has happened today. Ended up trying to move the router to my room, and realized that the Ethernet port that I am plugging into isn't "hot" and ready to go. I have always been wired to the Modem, just through the walls. So I have been connected to the modem this whole time. This may be obvious to you guys, but i'm learning as we go. So now back to the port forwarding, everything should be working and it's just not.
  6. Yeah that's one of the things that we came too, and at this current time. My computer is too far away from the modem, and it can't be moved. So i'm kind of stuck at this current point in time.
  7. No I made sure I was using my LAN side IP. So I forgot my ISP had live chat and just got off an hour long chat with them and still didn't get the issue to resolve. She ended up setting up static IP's for my computer and the modem and my weird connection set up. Since i'm not technically connected to the router, i'm connected the ("ONT"?), that I guess is the intake for the fiber and then disperses it into the house. And said that since i'm connected to that and not directly to the modem, that could be causing issues.
  8. And i saw that as a possibility as well. That could be, and I will be calling my ISP on monday to figure out if thats the case.
  9. It's been forever and I can't remember if I did before. I had this ISP years ago, swapped to Comcast for a while, now i'm back on this (Local isp). I want to say yes? But that's a big guess.
  10. Hey guys, I posted here having a few questions about port forwarding a while back for 7 Days To Die and I am back trying to forward a single port for Space Engineers. The port being 27016 UDP. In the picture I linked you can see that I have correctly forward the correct port. Ignore the TCP entry. It was just an attempt to see if that would do anything and it didn't. I did try and host the server without the TCP entry active. I have Port Forwarded so many times on a different router set, which was the default one Comcast gives you, and doing what I did here always did the trick. I was looking at why it might not be working said something to do with my IP being private and not public? But once I started to read up on it I get even more confused. Any help is super appreciated guys Thanks
  11. Right, which like I said before. I'm just confused on everything going on with my machine.
  12. Temps are in the mid 50s and sometimes low 60s
  13. I've always used it for just clipping funny moments I have with my friends. But I guess I can go without it for a while, to test if that helps at all.
  14. I haven't tried disconnecting my monitors but will do that when I notice i'm getting frame drops. With GeForce Experience are you saying to leave it uninstalled? And my games are kind of everywhere at the moment. Path of Exile, Call of Duty Warzone, Rainbow 6 Siege, Tekken 7. League of Legends.
  15. Which is where my confusion begins. Because at times i'm getting a steady 60 fps, and at times i'm dipping below 40-50 constantly.
  16. This whole time that I have been using this PC, I feel like i've been doing something wrong or something is just off. Because everyone tells me with this setup that I should be doing just fine, but I am not getting the results that the people around me said I should be getting.
  17. Nope. I have two 1920x1080 monitors and a shitty TV for my third when watching shows. Obviously I don't play games on the TV, only my main monitor.
  18. I've pretty much upgraded everything around my GPU and my computer still lacks in performance sometimes. I don't care about graphics, I only care about getting the most FPS I can. At least above 60, and sometimes that's not even possible.
  19. I want to get opinions on which one to get so I don't have any regrets later on.
  20. Ok then going through the 2000 series, which would be my best bang for my buck upgrade from my stock 1080?
  21. Very true.. I am going to have trouble having patience and restraint because i'm really needing this performance boost.
  22. This is my current set up - AMD Ryzen 7 2700x - ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming - 4x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 3000 G.Skill Ripjaws V Series - ThermalTake Toughpower 850W - Geforce GTX 1080 8G. I bought my 1080 when it was released years ago and am finally looking to make an upgrade. I did some testing with some of the lovely people here on the forums and was testing my current GPU and it was coming up below other 1080's. I am currently looking at a 2070 super and wanted other peoples thoughts on it!
  23. I was changing the numbers to what I thought you were suggesting. I've never done this before so i'm super fucking confused.
  24. What is the 100 on core? I set up my boosts like this so far. I didn't know what to change the voltage too, so I haven't applied anything yet.