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  1. I have a quick question I was hoping someone might know the answer to. I noticed last night that whenever I play a game through the pc Xbox game Pass, task manager says the game is using 0% of my GPU. The games seem to run fine and when I play a Steam or Origin game, the GPU shows a %. I have tried multiple games (Gears of War, Forza, Crosscode) and they all do this. Is it ok to still play these games or is something going wrong and I should stop until I figure it out? Thanks!
  2. Good morning all. I have a question I was wondering if anyone could help me out with. I have been dabbling with streaming and I usually use my CPU to do it. I have a i5 9400-F. While streaming newer games like "The Evil Within 2", I noticed that my CPU usage is 100% while my GPU which is a GTX 1660 ti is only around 50%. Should I switch the encoding from my CPU to my GPU? Would that help performance?
  3. Thanks! Yeah I actually have a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones to use, but my desk is kinda small so I was hoping to get away without having to put a mic up. But from the sound of it, (sorry about the pun) it looks like I will need to do just that.
  4. Hello all. I might have missed this somewhere but I like to casually stream on Twitch and I have a Blue Snowball mic but it died. Should I buy another Snowball or would it be ok to just get a headset Mic so I don't have to worry about positioning the microphone. I have about $50 USD to spend and I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  5. Awesome. Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong because this was the first PC I built myself.
  6. Hello All. I am relatively new to PC gaming and I have run into an issue that may or may not be bad. I have been playing Fry Cry New Dawn and I noticed that about half the time my CPU is at around 90% load. My GPU is around 70-80%. Is this ok or will running it this much stress the CPU too much? I listed my specs below and they meet both the minimum and recommended settings for the games. I have an aftermarket cooler on it and my temps never go above 62 degrees. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. CPU: Intel i5 9400F GPU: GTX 1660 ti RAM: 16gb