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  1. Thanks for the info mate. Never known about Element14 till now.
  2. Polycab is a reputed brand in india they dont mix Copper with steel n aluminum. Only difference is it is raw copper rather than what you guys get say tinned copper which can withstand more heat i believe. I dont think its OFC too. It is cheap becz the companies here only make 1sqmm and 1.5sqmm for consumers, solid core is not made in general unless you make explicit request to company. Not much option for consumer hence the cost is quite less. More over if u see ppp of usd to inr 900inr is not cheap.
  3. I don't know what you convention is but here in India single core means single wire, while dual core means 2 such wire together attached edge to edge. Like this.
  4. Its not solid core don't know if i am unable to get you or something. It has 32strands in it. In india we dont use solid copper block wires, if that's what you mean? Even for house wiring we use the stranded version never saw some one using solid core.
  5. Why do we need a multicore for psu cables?
  6. Thank you. Its weird that whole world follows awg or swg and mostly 16 and 18 are well known and available at ease but for us over here its oddly 17awg, that too rebranded with different type of specification cross sectional area. I searched over amazon india for 16/18 awg all i found is speaker wire which has quite big insulation and crimping was not possible. And price was around 2000INR for 50feet roughly 30$ While this wire costed me 10$ odd for 100meters. Funny in some sense. DIY electronics is PIA in India. No offense. Sorry if hurt.
  7. So, max current that can flow is 12A in 17 awg, same here for 1sqmm 12A. No worries right.
  8. Full length custon cables for my modular psu.
  9. Is this wire good enough for psu cables. Here in India we dont follow guage system. Will this wire be able to handle the current? It can take 1100v no issue with that what about current.? What is the amount of current that flows through these wires and voltage across them in PSUz. India follows 240v system unlike US (110v) Would like to learn.
  10. Can this wire be used for making custom cables(sleeved) I will separate the dual core cable and use them individually. https://www.amazon.in/AmazonBasics-16-Gauge-Speaker-Wire-Feet/dp/B006LW0WDQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=speaker+wire&qid=1563044014&s=gateway&sr=8-3 Else I need to go for 18SWG(=16AWG) electrical but in India this wire comes with solid insulation 1100V insulation won't that effect the crimp terminal?
  11. But taking a new mobo should be more future proof right. Especially Upgrades in mind with time. Considering this pcie 4 still not worth it.?
  12. U mean I should wait for pci-e 5 to be out? then update it. Why to suggest so please explain 4 vs 5. I would like to know.