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  1. Mobo - MSI Z270 Sli Plus Ram 2x8GB 2400mhz Corsair cl16 Cooler - Arctic Freezer 34 duo PSU - Cooler Master 600W 80+ bronze Case : 2 front intake at 1100rpm all the time + 1 back stacking with the cpu rpm up to 2000rpm and one on the top 1000rpm BIOS settings CPU Ratio : 50 Cpu Ratio mode : Fixed CPU ratio offset when running AVX : Auto Ring ratio : auto CPU Loadline Calibration : mode 4 CPU core voltage mode : Override+Offset CPU core voltage : 1.240v CPU core voltage offsetmode : - CPU core voltage offset : 0.005 CPU-Z - https://valid.x86.fr/7ti323 P.S. with delid and better mobo and cooler will probably fly to 5.4GHz