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  1. Okay I have email and theyre answered : The free shipping offer is limited to the continental US. All shipping costs are for transit only, customs fees/taxes will be due once the order is processed thru the customs department.
  2. Hello guys, How much should I spend for free delivery to Germany and Will I have to pay an additional fee?
  3. My bios up to date, I tried manual too and same thing happenin. I have second bios and I tried that too and still same
  4. Hello everybody, Im sorry my english not well but when I turn on Xmp , my pc turn off and open self with current mhz. All good , I did benchmark tests and passed. When I turn off my pc and wanted turn on , my pc doing same thing like I turn on xmp. When I click turn on button it closed self and open again(like restart self), but in windows all normal(xmp 3600mhz work). Why is happenin ? My cpu and all bios settings are workin stock settings. I closed xmp and the restart thing disappear. The pc turn on and not doing any restart when I click . I turned off memok, still same restart. I tried xmp1 and xmp2 and manual, always that restart thing happenin. My rams are in list dont worry but why that? Note: I closed pc and I close psu power too with switch button and I open psu and turn on pc , its again closed self and start over, but when I not turn off psu switch and just turn off pc its start without any restarting when turn on pc. Its about memok training thing. Is that any way to pass training mode? Even with psu off ? (When I turn on pc, memok led open with yellow color and white and again yellow , later turn off self and pc open) https://streamable.com/c9raz (Is that my old rams but my issue is that)
  5. Guys my english not well so pass it but I wanna learn something. I have barrow pmma tube (12id-16od) - 2mm thickness) So I wonder if I can use bitspower fittings with that tube? Example that? Bitspower G1/4" Premium Master Hard Tube Compression Fitting for 16mm OD Rigid Tubing, Abrasive Black, 6-Pack
  6. Okay thank u for information. Do u know any safe place can u link me ? I mean I wanted this : Bitspower Pre-bent 90-Degree acrylic Hard Tube OD16MM-. I did not found anywhere. But if u know anything about watercooling can u tell me, normally I have barrow pmma(arcylic) tube 12ID 16OD and wanted use bitspower fittings, Im not sure if I can use bitspower fittings with that tube thats why I search bitspower tubing with bending.
  7. Hello my english not good but what does it mean? Scan succeed average overclock is 88mhz, dominant limiters power. I cant even stand 1950mhz. It drops until 1905 mostly. My temperature is 68 69 max with curve fan profile.
  8. Hello did u found a solution? I have exactly same problem with 5ghz overclocked and x trio 2080ti not overclocked.
  9. Hello, Sorry my english bad but in my event theres a information from MEIx64 and it says : The description for Event ID 2 from source MEIx64 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. The following information was added with the event : Message source exists but message not found in message table. What I need do ?
  10. Yes I know this but when I look another pictures this curve line started at near the 1350Mhz and its +0 non overclocking. But when I go there its already +90 or much overclocking. I dont understand.
  11. Hello, sorry my english not good but the curve line started low clocks. And I did not touch anything. It started 700V - 1170Mhz and Finished 1243V - 1995Mhz. When I play games its give me just 1050V - 1890Mhz and it goes down quick until 1875-1860 and 1835. So why is that ?