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  1. Yes there is a 4 pin connector to cpu and there are two 6 pin connectors, one from what i know powers motherboard and the other sata and stuff. And this should be the exact one i bought: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-ATX-Main-24-Pin-to-6-Pin-PSU-Power-Adapter-Cable-18AWG-for-Select-HP-Systems/183744579098
  2. and my motherboard is Hewlett-Packard 18E4
  3. Oh well my PC model is HP EliteDesk 800 G1 TWR but I'll keep looking for the motherboard name
  4. My old PCU is "320W EPA92 ENTL13" if I'm correct and my new PCU is "Chieftec GPM-550S" and IDK the exact name of the motherboard, all I know it's a HP motherboard, but I'll try to find.
  5. Hello. So the situation is that some time ago I bought new PC parts from the money I earned in summer. The first problem I ran into was that my PCU and motherboard connectors don't match. TBH it's mostly my fault but I really didn't know that something like what I have existed. So what I have is a 4pin HP connector on motherboard. When I was buying I didn't even notice this and was just checking if the wattage fits with my GPU. Now when I made my first post someone told me to try using a HP to ATX connector. And so I did, I bought it and it recently arrived but I was in for a another hole digging for myself. You see when I connect everything up and run all I get is 4 beeps with pauses in between and red flashing led. Of course I already searched what is this and found out that it's most likely problem with the memory sticks. So I did what it said of cleaning the golden parts insert and so on. But when I tried it again it still didn't work. So I decided to try my old PCU again which fits with the 4pin and it still works as I remember it working. So therefore the problem is in the HP to ATX connector and it has to do something with not delivering enough or any power to my memory sticks?
  6. Hey I just ran in a issue. You see when i've connected everything and run my PC all I get is 4 beeps and a pause between them, while power key led flashes red. When I searched online it says it's a problem with memory but when I changed back to old pcu it worked again, so it must be not enough or no power delivered to ram or something? Is there any way to fix this or did I just dig an even deeper hole for myself?
  7. Hey I've already ordered it, but what i wanted to ask is how safe are ATX to HP cables? Do i have to be afraid of any short circuits or anything?
  8. Oh okay, this seems like it's the case. Thanks.
  9. It looks like my motherboard only has a 4pin connector. I mean I've looked all over it.
  10. So I'm new into all this and I really didn't realise but it seems that my motherboard only has 4 pins for the main pcu power connector. Now the problem is that I've bought a pcu with 24 pins... This pcu is Chieften GPM 450S. My question is as I see it has a lot of connectors and 2 of them are 4pin connectors and I want to know if I can plug one of those in my motherboard and will it work?
  11. So some time ago I was looking at monitors on and I saw they were quite expensive so I quit for some while. Now I looked and found some cheaper monitors but greater size and resolution. This monitor is from AOC and I wanted to know if their monitors are reliable and if it's just better for me to buy a much more expensive monitor? The specific monitor is AOC Q3279VWFD8
  12. Alright, going to try to decide which one to buy, thanks to everyone!