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  1. Yes i have turned on oem unlocking option
  2. Permissions being no longer required i still am not able to bind that
  3. Now unlocking a Xiaomi device no longer requires permissions and I am from India
  4. I am not able to bind my MI Account to my device in order to unlock the bootloader on me device. It always says error code : 86012 I have tried signing in using VPN. Can anyone help me who has faced the same problem and got rid of the error????
  5. I have an old PC with: Pentium g2020 2gb ram 320gb hdd 500W psu Should I upgrade this thing or building a new one would be better?
  6. I have a Pentium g2020 powered pc with 2gb ram and windows 8.1 on hdd installed should I increase my ram or ssd first would be a better improvement