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  1. Hi all! While I know a bit more than the average about computer hardware I'm no whiz kid so forgive me if if I get things wrong. Also a first time LTT poster so sorry if this is asked a lot or badly formatted etc. In a nutshell, I bought a friend a lacie mini external hard drive for him to put game of thrones on and clear up his MacBook which was dying of storage overload. He put game of thrones on to he hard drive, and his MacBook is much faster and healthier. However, he also copied a lot of important files to the harddrive which I was unaware of. In resetting his Mac, he didn't have any cloud storage and everything was on this bloody harddrive. Unbeknownst to me, figured he was done with it and reformatted it to windows (I don't understand Mac's at all) to put some other stuff on it for him, figuring it's just game of thrones on it and doesn't really matter if it all goes. Turns out there was more than game of thrones and it did matter if it all goes or not. I reformatted it using quick format on windows, renamed it, and haven't written to it. I handed it to a very tech savvy pal who's been running tests and it's acknowledging there are plenty of files but as soon as the tests end it goes from showing 500gb to nothing.... And that's where we're at. What else can I do, if anything? I'm pannicking really hard. Need to get the files back. Thank you all in advance