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    Intel I5 6500 3.20 GHz
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    Asus PRIME Z270-P
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    Corsair Value Select (2x8gb) 2133 GHz
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    ASUS Strix 1060 6 GB
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    Zalman Z9

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  1. Thanks i got that part figured out. My question stands though: Not that it really matters but if i do plug the 3 fans into the 1 header through the adapter will i be able to control the three fans sepparetely or will they be treated as one?
  2. Oh i see. Not that it really matters but if i do plug the 3 fans into the 1 header through the adapter will i be able to control the three fans sepparetely or will they be treated as one?
  3. Hello. I intend on buying an iCUE SP120 RGB PRO Performance 120mm Triple Fan Kit and for as far as i have seen these coolers have to be connected to the motherboard and the node they come with. I only have 2 available 4 pin connectors on my motherboard and that means i would have to connect one cooler directly to the PSU. My questions are: 1) Im assuming that if i do connect one fan to directly to the PSU instead of the motherboard i wont be able to control the RPM or any color effects? 2) If i acquire an adapter that allows multiple fans to be connected to the motherboard through one 4 pin connector will the software detect all the fans attached to this adapter? Or how would that work?
  4. Yes i am using everything that came with the kit. Yes i have removed the plastic thing from the battery pack and tested the remote aswell, its working.
  5. Hello! I have recently acquired a DeepCool 350 RGB kit for my computer and im experiencing some problems with it. Just to sum it up the 2 LED bands are meant to go in this little box and from that little box theres a cable that turns into a molex so i can hook it up to my PSU. The problem is, whatever the bands wont turn on. I have to mention that i do know for a fact that the bands work because i have a regular LED band that hooks up to a regular power plug and i tested them and they work. At first i thought that i maybe got a factory broken produce but then i returned it and got a new one but i have the exact same problem.I do know for a fact that the molex cable that comes out from my psu works because i even tried hooking up the LED connector in a molex that the fans are usually in and that work all the time. I also got a tool to check if theres and power signal and every part of the system shows me that theres power going through it. From the PSU to the the little box from the little box to the band. Still nothing. EDIT: I use a Corsair 650rmx that i got around 4 months ago so im not sure its that. I seriously dont get it. Any help?
  6. Yes, the ZM-SF3.I got an Asus prime z270-p like a month ago.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Im willing to spend about 50 US dollars for them i was really looking for a set though but i guess individual options can suffice too. Yes i have the stock cpu cooler since i heard the 6500 isnt really that hot. The fans are Zalman Shark Fin, 120 mm, pretty basic.
  8. Romania. Probably RGB fans for the parts that can be seen.
  9. Hey guys! Im about to get my new Corsair 270r case in the next couple of weeks and im wondering how will the cooling on it work since all my life i have use side fans on my case. I currently have 3 Zalman 120mm coolers that i want to use until i get some other. Somebody recommended me the Deepcool RF120 that come in 3 pieces a set because i want the RGB and they seem to do a decent cooling job. I have an asus gtx 1060 strix and an i5 6500 3.2ghz and from what i heard well at least this cpu series keeps pretty cool. My questions are: What fans could i get for it? The only prerequisite for them would be that they have to have RGB and decent cooling. What would be the orientation for them? I was thinking to use 3 120 mms in front for the intake and the one in the back plus the 2 above for out take? Im not sure i havent really had to deal with cooling dilemmas since all my older cases kept cool with the side fans.
  10. Would you say this is better than the 275 in terms of cooling?
  11. Hey guys i just recently had to replace my miniATX motherboard with a regular ATX one and now this one wont fit inside my case because of the GPU length. Right now im considering Corsair 275r but i want to hear more opinions, i would also consider the 400c a solid option but i can only find it in white right now and its not my preference. My system: I5 6500 3.2 ghz Asus GTX 1060 strix 6gb Corsair Value Select 2133 2x8gb Corsair 650RMx Asus h270-P 2 1tb WD hard drives 1 240 gb Kingston SSD Prerequisites of the case: - have at least 29.8 cm room for the GPU; - have a transparent side panel; - im coming from a case that had side fans so cooling wasnt a problem but im worried that by removing the side cooling it will get hot so i want good cooling to it; - budget is around 100 USD. Also feel free to recommend any coolers to add to the case.
  12. I got the 650W version of that PSU and its pretty good. I know i wanted to opt for the 750W but i wasnt sure i needed it.
  13. I was looking for the same thing and i opted for the Asus GTX 1060 6gb and it delivers. I have no problem with Witcher 3 or GTA V the cooling on it is really good. I got mine a couple of months before the 1660 series so maybe look into the difference between those. EDIT: 1070 is nice too the price difference between 1060 and 1070 was colossal here so i couldnt get it but i heard good things of it.
  14. It might take a while for the rubbing alcohol to actually get into the paste. It depends how old it is and if it had time to dry out.