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  1. Great build. Does the p600s have enough room in the eps cable routing channel for a second eps cable?
  2. Thanks for everyone's VERY helpful comments. I'm looking at the MEG Z390 ACE because the Aorus Elite has only 2 PCIE full-size slots and Aorus Ultra and Pro appear to have have DPC latency problems, causing "clicks" in audio and lag in mouse response: https://www.hardocp.com/article/2017/11/27/gigabyte_z370_aorus_ultra_gaming_motherboard_review/4 I am also l looking at the ASUS Maximus XI Hero wifi, because it has onboard HDMI port (for backup). And thanks to your post, I'm now looking at the i7-9700K which is not as much more than the 8700k than it used to be. Does that make a diff?
  3. I am planning to buying an MSI MEG Z90 mobo. PcPartPicker says it "requires" a PSU with TWO 8-pin EPS connections. MSI says you only need ONE, unless you are overclocking. I DO plan to OC an I7-8700K a little (20-30%), but I don't know if that means I REALLY need a PSU with dual 8-pin EPS connectors (Corsair RM850i/EVGA G3 850) vs their step-down 650W models. I am planning to use a Noctua NH-D15S cooler because need a long-term (years) stability w/o worrying about leaks, refilling coolant, etc. So It's obvious(?) that I won't be OC'ing much. GPU: single RX 580 4GB. I know the cost diff is small (compared to the rest of my choices), but advice from others would make me feel a LOT better about my choice. (I also don't want to raise my electricity bill a lot).