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  1. Adobe softwares specifically Premiere pro and photoshop are crashing my whole windows giving "blue screen of death". Everytime i use warp stabilizer on a footage that need stabilizing will crash my whole windows sometimes able to restart it automatically sometimes i have to do that manually. I'm not very certain what triggered photoshop for crashing. But one thing that i did notice is that under my brush's color selection wheel, i have pixelation and not a perfect smooth circle. I obviously have licensed adobe and windows 10pro so it must not be a problem. Specs- Intel i9 9900x Asus prime x299 deluxe 2 Corsair vengeance c16 rgb pro 3000mhz 64gb ram Zotac rtx 2080 amp extreme oc 8gb I have already contactes Adobe, my case was serious so it got escalated to the highest level, they took remote access of my pc and after 6-8 days they made sure it's nothing wrong with their software, I talked to windows as well, they said the same. NVIDIA and Zotac are still looking into it. What do you think??