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  1. Yeah hadn't seen that, but already tried, ID mismatch, not risking it
  2. They don't have a BIOS specific to this card, only 4Gb version, if anyone has a Gaming Version, with 8Gb, and Micron memory and can provide the bios would be awesome! To be more specific: GIGABYTE RX 570 8GB GAMING, with Micron Memory, is what I'm looking for
  3. I confirmed, it's a mining card... But on the site it does not say anything, any warning, lol It's more like Newegg I contacted Gygabyte for a gaming bios, maybe they are nice enough to send it for me to flash, or then I'll try returning it
  4. Hi guys! I got Gygabyte RX 580 card from here https://www.pccomponentes.pt/gigabyte-radeon-rx-570-gaming-8g-mi-8gb-gddr5 Arrived today, got a new PSU, set it up, it was not detected, error code 43 on device manager So I google and came upon a software ATIKMDAG patcher that found limits on all rates on the GPU, which means it's modded, usually for mining!! I patched it with the software, 2 seconds, was immediatley detected and runs fine But how can it be?! What the hell... Also in the board (MSI B350M Bazooka) it is "Unknown driver" "Unknown Device" on Internal GOP Configuration, if I trun windows 10 whql support it does not post, 3 beeps (i used that before with 1050Ti because enabling the setting gives you a different boot screen on msi board) What the hell? Anyone knows if it's possible the card has wrong bios even though it's brand new? (Was sealed and visually looks totally new, even "smells new") EDIT: GPU-Z PIC https://imgur.com/FIFia18