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  1. Hi guys, all help would be much appreciated! I have gtx 1080ti ryzen 7 2700x 16gb ram and 500gb ssd, and windows 10 pro. My rust keeps freezing then crashes everytime like every after 5 minutes ive joined a server. I have increased virtual memory/pagefile and still nothing works!
  2. RAYAND, do you know how to fix this problem? I have the same problem :(
  3. My rust has been unplayable these past couple of days. For some reason, it freezes after I connected to a server then suddenly it will crash without leaving any messages. please help?
  4. Fortnite maybe? xD. but when fortnite crashes, it says something like the engine report something
  5. lets say it is GPU issue. what do you suggest I do?
  6. Thanks man for real. I increased virtual memory threshold,and everything. do you think increased ram speed from 2133 to 3000mhz will help?
  7. Mods? nope. thats the problem:( there are no messages. it just crashes like nothing happened.
  8. No to getting blue screen. yes just Rust crashing to desktop. Rust alone is the only one crashing. Not whole pc turning off. PSU 750W+80 gold Yes driver version most recent:(
  9. I mean what more could be the problem? Really appreciate it for helping me man:(
  10. Hii. ty for answering. I'm on geforce experience and no. I'm not using them to optimize my games but it is downloaded.
  11. Hiii. Please help. I've been playing rust for like 2 months now but the first month and a half was on a another pc. Now I have a better one that has gtx 1080ti, ryzen 2700x 16gb 3000mhz. But it has made rust unplayable. Any thoughts?