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  1. SimplySavage

    BenQ Zowie 2536 XL (help)

    There are times when it dips below 120, and then times when the un-capped FPS hits 150 or better. Shadows to see who is coming around a corner in a First person shooter is important. That's why mine is on high.
  2. SimplySavage

    BenQ Zowie 2536 XL (help)

    Hi guys. I need a little help here. I need to know if my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU. I just can't adequately tell. To give some info. I'm running a 144hz Monitor (BenQ Zowie XL2536), 750 Watt PSU, 16Gig Ram @3000Mhz,, Ryzen 1600 @3.2ghz, RX-580 (8 GB), My Motherboard is an Asus ROG B450-F. I have a main Regular HDD 1 TB (7500 RPM), and a 970 EVO Plus SSD 250GB HD for the Main games I play. The Main game I am playing is Rainbow Six Siege @Low Settings except Shadows which is on high. For some reason. I keep getting FPS drops to below 144. I don't like this, if I'm not running @144 FPS constantly, I am really doubtful that my monitor is running at it's full potential. Problem is, I can't tell if this is a CPU or GPU bottleneck issue.