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  1. BusterX

    network usernames?

    how can i do that? can you point me to a guide that details everything i need to do and how to work the setup?
  2. BusterX

    network usernames?

    i'm sorry for the confusing question... i'm looking to have user account data stored on the network in a secured place, have a cloned disk with all the software installed and the users when trying to log in to windows to input password and username and automagically load their configuration regardless of the machine they are using. all of my desktop pc's are 90% identical which is not a problem for windows 10, 8.1 or even 7 (would like to use windows 10 1803 tho) when i was in college, i had my account accesible from all the computers with my personilised desktop enviroment with my apps that i used and all the configurations necesarry. i don't have any knowledge regarding this process or how to use windows servers. what i use now is rudimentary by comparisson. a "for dummies" like guide would be usefull but i don't even know what to search for
  3. BusterX

    network usernames?

    Hello there, I'm running a small computer network with 5 pc's for users, one pfsense server and another windows 10 machine that acts as a network storage and two virtual machines. i am using and would like to keep using a version of 1803 for the users. My question is, how can a corporation (or faculty) have individual desktops for each user and how can i do that so that i won't have to make 8 user accounts for each machine with identical configurations between them (user A with photoshop, premiere, etc - editor, user b - office package, proprietary - etc - so each user with his own stuff). I tought that i can run windows to go, but that fails after a few machine switches I am thinking of buying each an ssd and have their accounts on that (and my account as the supervisor) but that would imply hanging cables etc. Can i do this without hardware removal? like storing user accounts on an ssd in the "storage machine" thank you