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  1. L0velyAmethyst

    Airflow insufficiency

    I wasn't paying much attention when grabbing the case and just realised about its bad airflow after I assembled it. I also tried removing the plastic side panel before but keep worrying about the components being directly exposed to dust, etc. About the front panel, it has I/O ports mounted right on top and therefore I can't completely remove it and having it lying on the floor isn't an ideal solution. However, I think I can replace my radiator with a 360mm one to give more breath to the case. Thanks a lot
  2. L0velyAmethyst

    Airflow insufficiency

    Thanks for the advice. I tried using msi afterburner to downvolt my gpu and the gpu temp immediately dropped down for about 10 degree with nearly the same clock speed. However, I'll bear in my about changing the fan though. Thanks a lot
  3. L0velyAmethyst

    Airflow insufficiency

    I’m using a MB600l CoolerMaster case with a ryzen 7 2700x and a rtx 2080 founder edition. My idle temperature is acceptable at round 3x degree with around 22 ambient degree. My concern is whenever I’m rocking with heavy gaming the graphics card always peaks at 80 despite the cpu running at round 60 to 70. My thought is that the case isn’t having enough airflow since there is only 1 outflow fan mounted at the back and 2 of my inflow fans from the radiator (240mm) and there is no top-mounting slots for extra fan. I need some advice to solve this one out. Much appreciated 1st edit: My case seems to be very warm when I touch it and I have kind of messy cable management which hopefully doesn’t block the airflow
  4. L0velyAmethyst

    XMP profile leads to blue screen

    That works out perfectly. Thanks
  5. I'm using a X470 gaming plus mobo paired with a Ryzen 7 2700x with 4 sticks of corsair vengeance 3000mhz. Everything runs smoothly except for when XMP profile in the BIOS is switched on. At first it boots and runs normally and after running some applications it crashs and post a blue screen of death . Any idea how I can fix it? Many thanks.