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  1. Sertinjo

    HP Compaq GPU Upgrade

    From what I read in HP paperwork they use Lite On Platinum PSU, so I guess its a good quality although power might be concern.
  2. Sertinjo

    HP Compaq GPU Upgrade

  3. Sertinjo

    HP Compaq GPU Upgrade

    So I guess that HP claims that their PCI slot only draws 25W is fake. What are the 1050 temperatures and did you overclock it?
  4. Sertinjo

    HP Compaq GPU Upgrade

    Thanks, I think a microtower version has 320W PSU, guess it cant hurt it. Did you put 1050 Ti low profile card or a normal one fits in?
  5. Hello, I've been wanting to build a PC for as cheap as I could. I found used HP Compaq 8200 SFF (i5-2400,8GB RAM) and HP Compaq Pro 6300 MicroTower (i5-3570,8GB RAM) for 100$ each. Now I would like to put something like GTX 950/1050/1050 Ti or RX 560 in it (as long as it doesn't need an external power from PSU). PSU is not upgradeable unless you order special ones made from HP. Has anyone tried putting this GPUs in this PC and what would be the problems? I've read that maximum power that PCIE slots on this mobos can draw is 25/35W but then again I can see alot of this builds made on the internet and they say everything is working smoothly. Every reply is helpful, thanks.