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  1. From my experience with the case I had for the iphone 6s a case with a decent lip should be enough, problem is is the back since the note 9 have glass back(I think) i think i will go with the rhinoshield
  2. i just sold my iPhone 6S to fund a case for the new Note 9 i received, had it for two years and not a scratch on it, i had a $12 case on it that i bought at the mall kiosk so i am careful with my devices. but i really want to make sure nothing happens to the new Note 9 as i received it as a gift
  3. i heard about them.. is their case better than the Otterbox case?
  4. Hi! so after Linus mentioning how much he loves his Note 9, i bought one too (Yes a lot due to his recommendations for the device) and now im looking for a case, aesthetics/size/weight dont matter to me. i want best protection for it. also, i do want to have a screen protector, preferable something that i could work with the pen but not a must. Any recommendations?
  5. Hi! so im not sure if this is the right forum I need an help with how to build something, what im trying to do is to turn this: into something that will eventually go on a front door so somehow it will have to be waterproof. i know aliexpress/WISH common LEDs wont work because they are too big or not flexable enough to construct the letters and so that might only work if i would have created something that will cover a whole wall. cant think of any other way to create something of a sort that will be flat and light weight enough to literally "command strip" on a door but will be light enough and clear enough to read and look good. any ideas on how to do it?
  6. well i can always get a zerolemon case with battery, i know its not really apples to apples, but the iphone 6s i have now have a little over 1700 mAh battery, a $40 case will get the note 8 to 5500 mAh. if i can basically triple my battery life, i will be more then happy, and should be just fine.
  7. i see a pre-owned note 8 for 299 on ebay... seller seems to have good rating and tons of reviews. how's the note 8?
  8. well when i said keyboard i said accessory and by that i mean bluetooth, and yes i know there are a tons of these but i thought might something with a case that could also hold the phone in a position to make it laptop like.. maybe a keyboard from the same company as the phone
  9. Hi guys, i need an advice on which phone to buy.currently i have the iphone 6S, had it for over 2 years but battery life has been a pain recently and i do start to feel like the screen is a bit too small, im a business owner, digital marketing, i do use my phone a lot but mostly mobile browser, some social media(twitter, facebook) and a Youtube junky, so what i need is a phone with a ton of battery life, a screen that is as good or better then the iphone 6S since i only really watch 1080P videos on youtube i dont watch movie or game on it, and something with big screen so i can browse my analytics and websites at more ease. Camera dont really matter.. no need for any fingerprint reader or anything special of a sort if not already included. maybe a phone that has some featured accessory like a keyboard? so i can type emails easier i live in North Carolina, US. my budget is $250-300 and probably another $100 in trade-in for my iphone. Thanks!
  10. So by now EVERYONE (including kids in Africa) have seen or made these cheap DIY "Smart glasses" where they take a 2 color LCD attach it to an bluetooth board and adrino board and connect it to a smartphone. but how will it look/work having a raspberry pi zero W connected to an full color LCD? this is kind of a stupid question i guess and might be wrong place to ask it but, Assuming weight+size+battery requirement isnt an issue, say im walking around with a freaking VR size headset on my head, how good will the screen look just by reflecting into a glass like done with the DIY "smart glasses" i couldnt find any video of anyone doing that, i did now found videos of mostly PC builders/gamers doing an DIY smart panel into their PC case but will the same be possible with a tiny display? i found this one for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32881745942.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.10bd658ePIpOal&algo_pvid=cad21e51-d3d2-424d-88a2-6b59d911060d&algo_expid=cad21e51-d3d2-424d-88a2-6b59d911060d-14&btsid=c6c28f72-9181-43fe-9be2-26e2746f0b54&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_52 i guess its a question i should direct to the seller but will i be able to separate the screen from the board, print an enclose to hold the screen and attach a bigger ribbon cable to a pi zero in a way that the screen will be out in front of the glasses rather then reflect?
  11. But isn't a fan extension cable usually a 4pin to 4pin?
  12. Hi guys, since i couldnt sell my old hyper 212 evo i thought might as well experiment, so here's a (stupid) question, how do i connect lets say... a 12V battery(?) to the 4pin fan connector of the fan? is there a store/premade solution of an already solder male 4pin to a plus and minus cables? Thanks!
  13. Hi! i couldnt find the right place to post this but thought this might be an alright place to post... not really a smart idea but could be cool anyway, 1.thermoelectric powered case fan/cpu/pump?? that will powered by heat from CPU/GPU? a bit more futuristic/cool and maybe could be developed into an actual thing? 2.a single board (lattepanda?) pc with a like a GTX 1050TI for low power consumption, so it will be able to handle VR AND have a leapmotion connected to it to replace a keyboard/mouse functions so with the main goal of this is going somewhat wireless. imagine professionals who work from home (like me) or who work from a coffee shop or rent a cubical but need an absolute privacy, without any other eyes on their screens, by having a small factor setup like that they could connect to the single board computer that is in their backpack or by their side in a case plugged in to a wall or powerbank(??) with the VR headset so they will be the only ones seeing what is on the screen via "Virtualdesktop" that is already available even on low end VR headsets like oculus GO and with leapmotion as a keyboard and/or mouse, the typing will also be discrete as nobody can see their keyboard and what they are typing. the future is of course, an all-in-one AR headset that will do all of that completely wireless but until then... BTW if 2 will even happen. i'd love to be there for it.
  14. Im on Spectrum, according to their website we got up to 950MBPS here, i got right now our own router modem combo the Netgear N450, as said the main reason is to get a 5G wifi to connect our Oculus Go to, also since we're having connection issues. i did schedule a technician to come anyway, and that is something i've asked the "technical support" of spectrum over the phone, if there is a way to know what is the cause of the issue, since when we have issue and internet drops, both on my desktop that is wired and all devices that are on wi-fi the connection to the router is fine, i can login to the router panel on wifi even when the internet is down so the connection to the router is fine, so seems like the modem is the issue. also when the issue happens the internet isnt slowing down, its completely drops and then when back its back to 100+mbps on speed tests.
  15. we actually bought our own modem/router combo that was listed is compatible with Spectrum, question is though, what is our options? as said my budget is $75, so i'll have to fit two devices in that budge, also i dont know anything about modems really.