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    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    Hi! i couldnt find the right place to post this but thought this might be an alright place to post... not really a smart idea but could be cool anyway, 1.thermoelectric powered case fan/cpu/pump?? that will powered by heat from CPU/GPU? a bit more futuristic/cool and maybe could be developed into an actual thing? 2.a single board (lattepanda?) pc with a like a GTX 1050TI for low power consumption, so it will be able to handle VR AND have a leapmotion connected to it to replace a keyboard/mouse functions so with the main goal of this is going somewhat wireless. imagine professionals who work from home (like me) or who work from a coffee shop or rent a cubical but need an absolute privacy, without any other eyes on their screens, by having a small factor setup like that they could connect to the single board computer that is in their backpack or by their side in a case plugged in to a wall or powerbank(??) with the VR headset so they will be the only ones seeing what is on the screen via "Virtualdesktop" that is already available even on low end VR headsets like oculus GO and with leapmotion as a keyboard and/or mouse, the typing will also be discrete as nobody can see their keyboard and what they are typing. the future is of course, an all-in-one AR headset that will do all of that completely wireless but until then... BTW if 2 will even happen. i'd love to be there for it.
  2. Im on Spectrum, according to their website we got up to 950MBPS here, i got right now our own router modem combo the Netgear N450, as said the main reason is to get a 5G wifi to connect our Oculus Go to, also since we're having connection issues. i did schedule a technician to come anyway, and that is something i've asked the "technical support" of spectrum over the phone, if there is a way to know what is the cause of the issue, since when we have issue and internet drops, both on my desktop that is wired and all devices that are on wi-fi the connection to the router is fine, i can login to the router panel on wifi even when the internet is down so the connection to the router is fine, so seems like the modem is the issue. also when the issue happens the internet isnt slowing down, its completely drops and then when back its back to 100+mbps on speed tests.
  3. we actually bought our own modem/router combo that was listed is compatible with Spectrum, question is though, what is our options? as said my budget is $75, so i'll have to fit two devices in that budge, also i dont know anything about modems really.
  4. Thank you. i was actually about to make the purchase but then i remembered that we're with spectrum here in the US and i will need a router modem combo i think. i know there's a way to disable wifi and leave the modem as modem but then again im not sure if its the modem that is causing the issues or the router so better off just buying a combo device. i forgot to mention we are having connection issue which is part of the reason we want to upgrade,and when that happens my desktop which is wired to the modem/router, is having issue also so it might be modem issue.
  5. Hi, so we got a cheap old Netgear router we've had for about 3 years now. since it doesnt support 5Ghz im looking to buy a new one, so 5GHZ is a must, my desktop is wired to the router, we only got 200mbps internet speed though my Motherboard does support up to 1gb. our apartment is fairly small and narrow so range isnt an issue even with the current router at least not in 2.4ghz. We do have between 9-11 devices connected at all times (phones tablets, 4 computers) so that needs to be take under consideration. budget:$75. i know its not much but that what i can afford. im thinking about buying a used one or a couple of years old model. Thanks