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  1. Hello. I do not know whether this is possible or not, but I have a GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X in my system with a aftermarket Corsair ML120 fan on the radiator. My question then is; does anyone know if it is possible to connect the radiator fan to the GPU somehow? The reason behind this is that right now the radiator fan is connected to the PWM fan hub on the motherboard, which means I can only control the fan with the CPU temperature. I just need to make a very aggressive fan curve, since not every game I play is that CPU intensive, resulting in a good amount of noise, when I do something that makes the CPU hotter. If I go with a less aggressive curve, the GPU becomes 75-85 degrees, which is too hot for me. I have been searching a little around for this, but not really finding anything I can use, other than GamersNexus tearing it apart to show what is inside. In that video I see the fan on the card itself, and the power for the pump is connected with a splitter to the only connector on the card. Does anyone know if this is possible? Can I get splitter more to connect to the card, and then a converter so I can connect the fan? Any help is appreciated.