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  1. mrnate72

    New Compact Fanless PC

    That is interesting, I have honestly never heard of a fan less computer that can actually do something. Now obviously there are things like the Raspberry PI which is a computer, but it doesnt have enough power to need cooling really, and it is not in a sealed case.
  2. mrnate72

    New Compact Fanless PC

    Hello, I was browsing on the internet and I found something pretty interesting. A company named Logic Supply has recently created a series of compact computers that are fan less and completely sealed and they are advertised as being very cooling efficient. I have no money to go and buy one to see if this is true, but I thought it would be a good video for Linus Tech Tips, as I would want to at least see this computer and how it works. I will add a picture of the computer and I will post their website so you can check it out. Thank you for your time, mrnate72 ^A picture of the computers, they have different models with different features for the I/O https://www.logicsupply.com/computers/industrial/fanless/cl200-series/?cpsrc=Display_Contextual&agname=&kw=small computers&ps=none&gclid=CjwKCAjwlPTmBRBoEiwAHqpvhYjYE8gXoV-H96XxeNFk43-6f1D5Ne5jMldO0ysGbEUH3zFfyAH32RoCgSUQAvD_BwE And that is the link