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  1. supermew

    GPU Passthrough

    I managed to pass through the gpu and hide he kvm from windows. But if I try to install the nvidia driver my vm crashes and I'm not able to start it anymore, because it crashes everytime after the bot loading cirlcle screen
  2. supermew

    GPU Passthrough

    Is it ok to put the 1080 in the x8 slot in terms of performance?
  3. supermew

    GPU Passthrough

    How can I do an id swap?
  4. supermew

    GPU Passthrough

    Hi, I need some help passing my gpu to my windows vm. I'm using Arch Linux with the latest kernel and the following gpus: GTX 1080 (which is placed in the first pcie slot to get x16, so it is used as boot gpu) GTX 1050 Ti (which is placed in the second last slot and only gets x8) IOMMU is supported by all devices, the gpus are in different iommu groups and I don't have an iGPU I want to passthough the 1080 to my qemu vm and use the 1050 Ti for the host system (maybe it's even possible to use it as boot gpu?) Is there someone who can help me getting there? If I forgot some information feel free to ask.