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  1. Ayman98

    HDD to SSD migration with no enough space.

    Well, can you please provide instruction please? I'm bad at this 'Installing OS' thing. Or at least send a link that can help. Im afraid to follow wrong instruction. Later, will i need to reinstall all my apps back? Or it will be ready to used (apps such as matlab, adobe, steam, microsoft etc)
  2. I have a laptop (Dell Inspiron 7559) which I want to install a ssd. The problem is, the disk has only one partition right now with all my applications and games data and OS data in it (C drive). The full storage is 1tb and now 700gb ++ has been consumed. Im thinking of buying a samsung 860 evo ssd 250gb. Is there any way to transfer only the bootable OS to the new ssd? If i really need to delete or uninstall all my apps, is there any easy way to backup and restore? Please provide detailed instruction on that.