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  1. Kindachris

    Windows 10 update just flashed my bios

    Subscribed to all updates. Including other Microsoft products. Guess this is a part of the Zombieload fix as Curious Pineapple stated below.
  2. Kindachris

    Windows 10 update just flashed my bios

    Yes that sounds plausible. Only weird thing is the signature is from 2018. Then again the private disclosure was probably done then and the fix was with Microsoft in testing and was probably just released to coincide with all the other bug fixes now that the exploits are disclosed publicly.
  3. Kindachris

    Windows 10 update just flashed my bios

    Couldnt find changelog for the update just the generic stability and security update blurb
  4. Kindachris

    Windows 10 update just flashed my bios

    Hi thanks for the reply. Really didn't intend for a bios update. I assumed it was some driver update but was taken aback when ezflash booted up and started flashing the new bios. I guess this is some new feature of windows updates. Looked around on google but couldn't find any kind of new article suggesting that this was some new windows update feature.
  5. Hi guys i am new to this forum so hopefully this first post will be useful to anyone who has the same query. I recently booted up my asus gl503ge laptop after a week away from home and as expected there were a bunch of updates from this month's patch tuesday. After the update was done i restarted and checked for updates again. Then a weird firmware update came up and started downloading. This was marked as from Asustek(find images in attachment below). I got another restart notification and after clicking it my laptop restarted into the uefi bios and started updating it. I was confused as this was the first time this ever happened. I always assumed that firmware updates were only for surface laptops but has windows update also started providing bios firmware for third-party oems like asus now. I thought it was a virus or some kind of attack but after checking asus site and scanning with antivirus (bitdefender) i cant find any traces of malware activity. Is this some new undocumented feature of windows update and has anyone else gotten it or am i some kinda guinea pig