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  1. probably gonna reformat and try again... thanks
  2. i concede. i check myy task manage streamlabs is literally taking up 90% CPU usage and nothing else is open. Im not even streaming or recording yet.
  3. all my drivers are up to date now. i just did ddu on amd, nvidia, and intel. in that order. (since this was the home of my rx 580 then my 1080ti then back to rx580) i really think that its using the procie to render. maybe thats why my cpu usage is so high right off the bat. with just literally the game capture at 1080p (even at 720p) and a webcam with low reso my cpu usage goes over 70%
  4. when i check hwinfo like Seraice says i should, it shows me INTEL UHF 630 as my gpu. does that mean my rx 580 isnt being used??
  5. So it turns out this whole time ive been using intel UHD 630 as my gpu?????
  6. im gonna give this another swing after DDU
  7. i use a dedicated gaming pc with a capture card so it isnt affected by my playing. however i did use a basic aircooling system. but i dont think it would stress it enough to get hot.. will msi afterburner do the trick?
  8. single 8 gb stick 2666 ddr if im not mistaken hyperx
  9. i toggled amd encoding and it was still bad
  10. i am still troubleshooting with the ddu etc. defragging and what not.. what do u mean what sort of memory?
  11. i do not have that option unfortunately. If i cannot find a fix i might be forced to upgrade? my search tells me i3 8100 should be adequate for just streaming.. despite being the bare minimum. however i have not experienced any success so far. still tweaking and tinkering around...
  12. yeah my tech guy kinda bamboozled me since i was in a hurry at the time. what would you recommend for an upgrade?
  13. yall have been a great help so far. will keep yall posted. thanks mates
  14. actually i bought this procie quite recently. i did scrap the bare minimum for parts for my stream pc..
  15. Would i be better off using my gaming pc to stream as well? z390 1080ti i5 9600k 32gb RAM 256gb SSD