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  1. I've connected duet display before to my PC and it was fine, I then had to repair the files and re-download when it was stuck on the connecting screen on the Ipad. It then worked twice after that and one day i turned it on and had it portrait and it firstly turned my screen sideways on my PC, i then turned my Ipad landscape and my screen went back to normal. However the Ipad screen was still glitching, I have black bars above the top and bottom, its mirroring my normal monitor and when I move my mouse it takes a part of the image behind with it and it generally just flickers. can someone help please? Thanks!
  2. 1070 whiite corsair h60 hydro corsair carbide series tg white corsair 650 w t2b barcuda vengance pro white msi b360 white i54800 but i really like this stuff all i really want to know is if it is possible to run games like rust and maybe stream games like rl?
  3. I don’t but I’m on a bit of a budget of 1k so I’m pretty close
  4. I’m building a new rig and it’s my first build but I’ve found what I want but I don’t know wether an i5 8400k will bottleneck a GTX 1070 and will I be able to stream games without lag and with ok graphics? Thanks guys!