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  1. I'll try updating the firmware and see if that fixes it, thanks. EDIT: Are there any DP cables you recommend to use other than a Staples one?
  2. (Apologies if this has been posted before, I tried searching but didn't find any posts matching this issue specifically) I recently bought an ASUS VG248QE monitor to upgrade/replace an Acer monitor that had finally crapped out and stopped turning on. I run it through DisplayPort, with a Staples cable (I feel like this could be the problem but I wanted to ask to be sure) at 144Hz. The strange behavior is that when I go to wake my computer from sleep, it acts like it power cycles two times, then finally turns on the third cycle. It does not truly power cycle however, rather it just kinda...Wakes up then takes two really quick naps?? I've noticed that it only does this when waking from sleep, cold booting does not have this issue. Again, I have a feeling that it's the cable I'm using, since I bought it from Staples because I was in town and driving by so I figured "might as well since I'm here". Any tips on what could be causing this?