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  1. Ok, the issue related on my original post happened again. This time I just turned the monitor off and on again and the line went away. I din't said on last post but the line appeared right in the center of the panel in both occasions. By the way the monitor is a ROG SWIFT PG278QR. Edit: I installed a drivers and windows updates since the last time the issue happened.
  2. Hello, I was playing WoW and noticed that there was a vertical line splitting the image on my screen. It looked like a screen tearing but instead of horizontal lines it was a single vertical line that would stay on the same spot on the monitor. I closed the game and, on the desktop, I dragged a folder across the spot, when it crossed the line it got smaller like there was some pixels missing. After restarting the PC and monitor it went away, any ideas in what happened?
  3. I have a followup question, in the case of a damaged CPU/motherboard. I was wondering, if I manage to get a known working motherboard, is it safe to use a damaged CPU with it? In the case of a faulty motherboard with a good CPU, is it safe?
  4. This is how the bios on this board looks like. Well, I guess i'll live with a faulty USB then. Thanks for the help
  5. There's a way to know that at some point the vcore was changed? If no, shouldn't I be able to use the warranty then? Since you said the faulty USB was probably not an issue from the high voltage. There's something that should I check, to see if the voltage cause any damage at all? This motherboard don't have a manual vcore, so I was having some fun with the offset. I'll probably use Ryzen Master now.
  6. Hello, A while back I was dabbling with Vcore and Core ratio. I noticed that the Vcore was set to 1.3-1.35v on the UEFI (the 2700 has a default of 1.0-1.1v) even if I did some low offset of +0.1. After this I tried to do a negative offset of 0.1 to see if it would change something, it did not. When I tried to go back to the previous settings (+0.3 vcore offset, that would set my vcore to 1.33v. I was using it for about a day already) I got a warning on the boot saying the vcore was too high. I went to the UEFI and my motherboard decided that would be a good ideia to push 1.6v to the CPU. I went back to optimized default as fast as I could. The PC had some trouble to boot after that. I removed the CMOS battery for sometime, after that it looked to be working just fine. Now, after I moved the PC to cleanup the room, there is a faulty USB port. I'm not sure if it was being used before. Could the 1.6 vcore be the reason for the faulty USB port? If so, is it a CPU or a motherboard damage? Do you guys think I can get a replacement, since the PC still have warranty, and I was not the one to set the vcore so high? CPU: AMD R7 2700 GPU: Zotac 2080 TI Twin Fan RAM: T Force Xcalibur 3600MHz MOBO: TUF B450-Plus Gamming SSD: Corsair MP300 960 GB HDD: SeaGate Barracuda 2TB PSU: Corsair TX850m
  7. I'll try the other benchmarks then. Thanks again!
  8. Ohh, your MSI Afterburner graph went beyond the power limit too. Well, that is a relief, looks like I'll not need to go through the RMA process. I was not really expecting it to have a great OC potential, since the Twin Fan seems like it is their most basic card. One more question, does your system stutter in Heaven? Every time I run Heaven my system will stutter at the same locations. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. No SIngle monitor ASUS PG248QR I can't say for sure. But I think the stutters in games happen at the same time as the spikes. Both stutters and the spike seems to stop after some time running a test (The PC was running Furmark at the time I took the screenshot)
  10. Hello, I recently got a new PC with this specs: CPU: AMD R7 2700 GPU: Zotac 2080 TI Twin Fan RAM: T Force Xcalibur 3600MHz MOBO: TUF B450-Plus Gamming SSD: Corsair MP300 960 GB HDD: SeaGate Barracuda 2TB PSU: Corsair TX850m This is the 1st PC that I personally choose the parts to put on it. (There some parts that I do know are sub optimal, but I discovered it after I got the PC ?, like that MP300) The PC is having some stuttering problems, trying to solve this I noticed this on the GPU Power% graph: Is this a normal behavior for the power usage in the 2080 TIs? OBS: I can't increase the Power Limit over 112%