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  1. shafinahmad01720

    PC turns off with no reason

  2. shafinahmad01720

    PC turns off with no reason

    0kay bro!
  3. shafinahmad01720

    PC turns off with no reason

    Bruh I have checked it they used 2133bus 8gb and 2400bus 4gb for geil memories. They never used 2666bus geil memories but they used 2666 another brands ram. Then what should i do now?
  4. shafinahmad01720

    PC turns off with no reason

    HELP NEEDED BADLY I have just newly bought ryzen 5 2400g with asrock b450m-hdv mobo. But from the day I bought till now i'm facing a problem. While I'm using my pc after some hours of use it suddenly turns off . When it happen my monitor got no signal,keyboard and mouse lights are also gone but my cpu cooler and case fan still run frequently and doesn't restart my pc even if i press the power or restart button it nothing happen. My cpu shows it's on but actually nothing came to my monitor or no connection in my keyboard and mouse. I thought it's an heating issue but it happened while my apu temp is in 52 - 65 °c. I did stress test and while under load cpu temp reached 80+ °c but still pc was running well. I have check my psu,ram,cpu perfectly. but cant figure out the solution or where is the problem. AMD ryzen 5 2400g(CPU) asrock b450m-hdv(motherboard) geil evo spear 2666 bus 8gb x 2 (RAM) antech neo eco 550w (PSU)
  5. shafinahmad01720

    Having boot loop problem.

    I didn't even touch the pins ever.I know how sensitive it is.It happened suddenly out of nowhere. Can it be repaired?¿ or i need to buy new motherboard ?¿
  6. Need help. Need solution. My pc was running completely well. I opend it just to clean and used thermal paste. Then I reassembled everything and found boot loop problem. After that reopened everything and rechecked my ram and processor. Ram is completely fine but i found something and that is my processor pins from the motherboard are not in proper position. I think one pin is melted.Have no idea how is that happened and how my computer was also working properly. 57952055515__3E8D97E2-B229-467C-ACA3-D9A6FCAFEB59.MOV