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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. The issues started before and I thought the same thing as you did that maybe it is software issue so I did fresh install but the result was the same.
  2. I can provide pictures. it worked for a year that true but I did a fresh install of windows couple of days ago after I sucsessfuly booted into windows thinking it the same thing.
  3. Hi, before you thing that this isn't the right category please read. So basically about a year ago I bought I5-9600K and Asus Z390-H and I didn't notice that the corner of the CPU is bent and I cannot RMA it as the store will put the blame on me (I bought the CPU as Tray and got it in transparent Intel CPU sort of shell). So my problem is that for a year the PC worked fine without any issues but for the last week or so, the PC won't boot and sometimes even turn on when external GPU is installed. I tried my own GPU in different slots and also borrowed GT630 from a friend and got the same result. I must say that when the PC does turn on with GPU he has VGA Q-Led and Boot Q-Led at the same time and it stays like that until I restart the PC and then I get the same result. Please help.
  4. Hi, so basically I need a CPU to check if my Asus Z390-H is faulty (The CPU corner is bent but works only when GPU is not installed, technician said it may be the motherboard as well). I though buying a secondhand G5400 would be a good choice since it's the same socket and should be supported. so my question is, will it work ?
  5. Hi there, I got Lenovo Yoga C740-14inch (2019 model I think because it has 10th gen intel cpu) and the speakers suddenly stopped working, I tried to troubleshoot and got Audio service not responding, the registry is ok (checked on google), tried uninstalling and updating the driver but it still won't work... Any help guys ?
  6. Hi, sorry for late reply, mg system is I5-9600K (did not OC yet) Asus Rog Strix Z390-H Asus Rog Turbo RTX2060 Edit: on the site of the store I want to buy the PSU it does not says in which year the PSU was released, it just says RM750i or RM750x
  7. May I ask in what way the cables look different ?
  8. What is the difference between corsair RM750i and RM750x ?
  9. Could you tell me what's the difference ?
  10. Is Corsair RM750i over than what I need for my PC ? My pc is: Intel Core I5-9600K Asus Rog Strix Z390-H Asus Rog Strix RTX2060 OC Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Duo 3x Zalman Led 120mm fans (I will replace them with RGB fans someday)
  11. Hi there, so all of my life I used Windows but now I want to try using linux, which distrebution is the most stable and has the best support for nVidia GPU's as I heard that linux has problems why GPU drivers...
  12. Hi, I really appreciate you response but as I said, I don't like Gigabyte products and their GPU's is the cheapest ones here and I'm that kins of person who can buy something he don't like but will regret it after few days so I really prefer to buy something I do like from a brand I do like and my current 2 options are Asus Rog Strix RTX2060 and Asus Rog Turbo RTX2060.. I could buy and MSI card but the Ventus is more expensive than the Turbo and the Gaming Z is more expensive than the ROG Strix.... so I have only 2 options as there no other cards from other manufacturers...
  13. Look, Gigabyte is the cheapest but I don't like their products, I was thinking that if not the asus ROG Strix than what about the Asus Rog Turbo ? The MSI Ventus XS is more expensive than the Turbo and and the MSI Gaming Z is more expensive Z... Also I really like the looks of the Turbo but my concern is the temperatures he'll get becuase of the blower style design...
  14. Ok thank you, Could you please answer to the question I asked xg32 ?