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  1. I have 3 monitors and a 1080 ti. It is rated for 240hz
  2. I have an Acer XF240Q monitor and it is not able to reach 240hz. I know how to overclock a monitor and I also know that the issue is not the issue. It is able to reach 200hz but when I try to get it to 240hz all screens go black and pc is not responsive. Anyone know how I could solve this issue?
  3. And oh ya they were discussing the tdp of of the chip. The guy is really high up in the company And from what I see this could be a low tdp streaming pc with a low end processor I’m just so hyped for 3rd gen ryzen and then I heard this I had to share it with you guys The fbi is prob afta me for dese leeks. I’m gonna I be in school soon but I can reply to messages later in the day
  4. I don’t think so They want to design a “new mini” pc And something to do with “x86” and a new amd proccesor called Rigel I don’t have many specs but it is above 1.6 ghz I heard about amd, new processor then I heard the code name “Rigel” then my brain be like oooooo ryzen 3rd gen but it looks like it is a low spec budget system the can output minimum 1080p 60hz with 2 video outputs
  5. So basically I know someone that is doing a thing with AMD and a mini pc with a new processor “Rigel” I don’t know what it means if anyone wants more info or has any info about Rigel please contact me.